Sharing some of the past with you, while thinking about the future.
  • Waterfall vs Agile Models in Software Development

    There are different approaches to the software development process. Two of the most popular methods are waterfall and agile. Due to the complexity of software development and the varying objectives of projects and stake holders, neither approach can be considered superior to the other. Both have pros and cons and the choice of method should be weighed on a project-by-project basis.

  • Hosting Permissions

    To conclude the multi-week series on the basics Web & Mobile App Hosting, let’s review how permissions at the web & mobile app hosting may affect how your website works. This is an important point because permissions allowed to you by your web & mobile app host will have far reaching consequences such as how your website currently functions and how much flexibility you will have with future development.

  • Support From Your Host

    As the second continuation of our multi-week series on the basics, Web & Mobile App Hosting, let's focus on why support is important to your choice of web & mobile app hosting. In IT is an old adage, “have your emergency plans in place before you have emergencies”. Whatever level of web hosting plan you choose, it’s important to think about how the level of support in the web hosting plan you choose relates to emergencies.

  • Data Center Tiers

    As the first continuation of our multi-week series on the basics, Web & Mobile App Hosting, let's focus on how web & mobile app data is physically stored. At the most fundamental level, web & mobile app hosting depends on infrastructure such as redundant power supply, climate controlled environments, and computer software/hardware configuration. Theoretically, almost any machine works as web & mobile app host, but in practice most web & mobile app hosting is done at data centers.

  • Web & Mobile App Hosting

    Do you have a business idea, and maybe even a web or mobile app in mind? Some mockups? Or, perhaps you just want to migrate your web or mobile app to a different host?

  • New Website!

    Leading up to 2013, we released a long-overdue refresh to our company’s website. Some of the relatively newer technologies like CSS3, HTML5 and responsive design should in theory result in more consistent experiences with most devices on most platforms. Nothing is more frustrating than referring someone to your website only to hear that some or all of the content is unavailable due to some technical compatibility nuance.