Why Choose MyGlobalIT?

We Provide Scalable and Extensible Solutions

With a broad client base, we provide the flexible IT capacity to quickly scale up or down. Need more IT capacity during June and less during July? Does your business experience seasonal cycles every year? We do that. Scalability offers you a leaner way to do business, particularly as your needs change over time. For small and medium sized businesses, hiring full-time employees to complete short-term IT projects may not make sense. Similarly, "freelancers" may not make sense because of scheduling conflicts or additional skills needed to meet your goals. To complement any scale, our extensible IT services offer a broad and deep range of technical and business skills to you.

We Both Deliver and Lead

If your requirements are already mature enough to plan and design an IT solution, then we focus on delivering to this IT solution. However, what about the planning and design phases of your IT projects--what if we have only user stories and high-level directives, not a well-defined IT solution? With a diverse portfolio of projects across many industries, we are uniquely positioned to provide technical leadership to our clients. Most challenges we have already resolved at one time or another, and we apply sound best-practices to the resolution of every challenge in our IT portfolio. Even in the case of unique challenges, our diverse experience across many different businesses provides the experience and perspective to deliver to your business goals.

We Offer Valuable Continuity

We employ an extended team focus on your project that lasts well beyond your project's end date. If you need warranty or service level agreements unique to your business, our clients always have access to knowledgeable experts. By providing ongoing support and delivering technology as a reliable service, we will be there when you need us most. Our hybrid model delivers the cost savings of offshore teams and the legal protection and confidence of doing business with a US-based company with American leadership.