Unsure if our services are a good fit for your organization? Just ask us!

Our services include web, mobile, and several obscure but powerful technologies we fondly refer to as other stuff:

  • Web Application Development

    My Global IT web application development teams provide insights into current IT best-practices and emerging trends in the web application space. Are you in need of a refresh to your existing web presence, or a completely new web presence? Our expertise includes popular web programming language such as Java, Javascript, PHP, Python, C, C#, C++, etc., and the many related applications such as Drupal and .Net. As your web application development team, our competitive advantage and thought leadership lead to high-satisfaction, low cost delivery to the goal of a single website, multiple, interrelated websites, and web-based software as a service (Saas).

  • Mobile Application Development

    Has your mobile strategy grown organically from an already successful web presence, or is mobile strategy your business debut? Mobile application development rapidly changes—especially in the last several years—which results in a lot of confusion in mobile strategy, even for some of the leaders in the mobile space. Our expertise includes popular mobile programming languages such as Objective C, Java, PHP, C#, C++, etc. and the many related applications such as Apache Cordova and Brightcove. As mentioned above, check out how the My Global IT competitive advantage and thought leadership lead to high-satisfaction, low cost delivery to mobile strategy goals.

  • Other Stuff

    At My Global IT, our international structure and extensive IT experience provides BPO Services and proprietary product knowledge to our Clients. For example, you may wish to streamline your sales process or invoicing controls, etc. with offshore teams. Or, you may just want someone available for a few hours per day to answer IT related questions or perform IT related tasks on a regular basis. In terms of proprietary product knowledge, you may wish to license complex platforms and customize them to your specific UX. We are experts in products such as Quickbase and Apex. Technically, these products may fall into, or be tangentially related to, the categories above; however, we would like to make special mention of them, and of course our My Global IT competitive advantage.